What will crypto currencies look like in 50 years?

It is increasingly difficult to imagine a future without cryptocurrencies. But what will they be like decades later? CNBC asked several experts to take a look into the distant future. We don’t know how stocks will fare next month or two years from now. What we do know is that there’s a good chance they’ll be higher in decades than they are now. It is also clear to most people what stocks are; the definition hasn’t really changed over the centuries.

The situation is different for cryptocurrencies. One sees them as something that has turned our way of payment upside down forever, the other mainly as a dangerous bubble. But they will continue to play a role in the future anyway. CNBC asked several experts for their thoughts.

Traditional financial world

Ivory Johnson, financial planner and founder of asset manager Delancey Wealth Management, said: “Cryptocurrencies will disrupt the traditional financial world because they allow you to make payments efficiently worldwide, with little to no cost, no delay and no exchange rate fluctuations. But 50 years is a long time. time and if we look at bitcoin, it may become the world’s reserve currency, but it may well be that another technology takes its place and bitcoin disappears from the scene.” LTC Litecoin is well known in crypto.

Dan Egan is the head of Behavioral Finance and Investing at Betterment. He wonders where we get the energy to meet the growing demand of the crypto market. “In addition, governments see it as a competitor to fiat money and that makes it a kind of ‘black market’ resource.”


Frederick Kaufman is a journalism professor and author of The Money Plot: A History of Currency’s Power to Enchant, Control, and Manipulate. “The dollar will soon have more in common with digital currencies than with silver or gold. It is likely that encrypted algorithms will soon be more of a means of value storage and exchange. In that sense, every form of money is actually encrypted. It has always been that way.” , but as our lives become more and more digital, we just want to invest more in it.” Safemoon is well known in crypto.

Dragan Boscovic, founder of Blockchain Research Lab, points out that central banks are busy developing rules for cryptocurrencies. “They recognize that digital currencies are part of a digital economy. I think they will become mainstream in the next ten years.”

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