What is the best option for staircases in your new house?

A staircase made of real, solid wood is an impressive sight. One of the great things about wood is its luxurious and rich appearance. This makes your wooden staircase a real eye-catcher, wherever it is located. However, solid wood also has drawbacks. Wood is a natural product, so it will wear out over time. Over the years, your solid wood stair treads can develop cracks, scratches and dents.

Because you often use and walk on a staircase, at some point you will start to see the signs of wear. The staircase or varnish coating must be regularly updated to ensure that the staircase remains beautiful and protected. How do you make sure your stairs look beautiful again? In this article we will tell you how to maintain your wooden stairs.

Make your stairs beautiful again

The best way to refurbish your stairs is with a stair renovation. During such a renovation, new steps (called transfer steps) are installed over the existing staircase. Your stairs will look like new in no time at all. A specialist, such as this company, can carry out a stair renovation within a day. As a result, you do not have to work on your renovation yourself and you can quickly enjoy your refurbished staircase. The transfer steps can be finished without a border, so that dust and dirt do not stand a chance. This makes cleaning and maintaining a renovated staircase easier. (Source: Arredamento Casa)

Safer with a renovation

As your wooden stairs wear out, they become more and more dangerous. You slip faster over worn steps than over new steps. That is also why a staircase renovation can be a good idea. For example, opt for transfer steps that are equipped with a non-slip layer, so that you can also grip them with thick socks. You can also have various accessories installed during a staircase renovation. Think of LED lighting at the bottom of the stairs. This not only creates a beautiful atmosphere, but also that you can still see the stairs well in the dark on this site from Italy.

Transfer steps (as) made of wood

You can choose to have your stairs covered with steps made of solid wood. If you would like a staircase that requires little maintenance, choose PVC, vinyl or HPL transfer steps. These plastics come in different designs, with which you can give your stairs a beautiful wood look. The nice thing about a PVC staircase is that it is scratch and wear-free, and at the same time equipped with anti-slip. In this way you enjoy the best properties of both wood and plastic. Plastic transfer steps are also available in concrete look or stone look, with which you can easily give your stairs a special appearance.